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[ASUS] ASUS S96J Service Manuals,Service Overview

To provide the best service and support for the ASUS S96J Series, we have provided the
below  information  for  technicians from distributors and resellers to perform the
complete notebook disassembly and assembly.    But before performing the procedures,
please be  sure  to  read  through  the overview in this chapter for component overview,
cautions and tools to avoid any unwarranted damages to the notebook’s hardware.

The following chapter includes:

•  S96J Overview
•  Components
•  Precautions
•  Appropriate Tools

s96j.zip (3.12 MB)
S96J Series Overview and Components
The ASUS S96 Series Notebook is a product combining the power of Intel® Pentium
M CPU with uFC-PGA mobile system.    In this section, an overview for the S96J,
along with its components, will be presented.




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