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ASUS T12C How To Clear CMOS, Lost Bios Password?


I have just mended a neighbours Packard Bell ALP Ajax C3 laptop which had a broken input jack, Whilst i had the laptop apart I decided (in my infinate wisdom, DUH!) to change the CMOS battery. When I started up the laptop it went through the start up but then went to a "loww Cmos Battery" error and a "Checksum error and prompted me to go into setup to sort it out. From nowhere a PASSWORD page has appeared!

I have asked the neighbour but they have not ever entered a password, (They are not pc buffs) and don't even know how to get into the settings, they wouldn't even know what the cmos setup was if they had it in front of them. So I am trying to clear the CMOS memory so that it will cancel out any Password, and reset the cmos defaults.

Any Ideas how this can be done? by shorting out certain pins?

The ASUS T12C does not have any pin jumpers to reset the cmos so does anybody know where the jumpers may be?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. As this is the neighbours childs laptop and i dont want to return it broken after I was supposedly doing them a good favour.

Vince (vlong65@sky.com)


The problems like this, in another laptops, I solved reprogramming the flash memory with an USB programmer.
Some laptops, like Toshiba, have a PADs (B5XXX) which allow to clear the password; I have no idea about something similar for Packard-Bell.
Reprogramming the flash memory with a BIOS from the official website is a good method.


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hi my dear friend just provide me the manufucturer date of your Asus laptop i will provide u master password or send me mail on my hotmail id or vist my site maxtechonline dot com .

Dear admin i also have all tools for bios password unlocking if u need any password just send me meail i will provide u password.


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