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Asus c90s motherboard problem...

Hello guys, I just discovered this forum, but I found it very interesting.

I propose a question, maybe some of you more experienced than me can help me, because I'm going crazy.

I have a notebook that does not start and does not charge the battery, an engineer was able to run it by a bridge with a diode on an integrated tpc8107 (there are 2 facing each other, and he put a diode from pins 1-2 connected together at one end of the diode, and connecting the other end of the diode with a resistance that comes immediately after the tpc8107).

at this point the notebook turn on, but it works only with ac adapter and battery both  plugged in.
the battery result always discharge and if i disconnect the battery the notebook turn off in one second.
when the notebook is on it display that is on battery mode, but the battery is on 0% of charge.

I tried to replace the integrated tpc8107 bypassed by the technician, but the result is not changed ...

can someone tell me what could be given this strange behavior?
What could be wrong?

the only thing is always a buzz near the battery connector (away from the diode added), whether the PC is turned on or turned off. sometimes after the PC is turned on stat for a few minutes the buzzing stops, but is always on battery power and if you disconnect the battery to pc on, one second later the computer turns off.

I hope you can help.
if you want I can post some pictures.


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