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Macbook Pro Pbus VP0R issue.

Hi Guys!
Im new at this forum and it really looks promising so far.
I just started to study the world of component repairs and i need some help on this one..

I have this Macbook Pro 13" A1278 (MacBookPro8,1) logicboard that runs very slow because of high CPU usage, in activity monitor i can see the Kernel_task on 380%+- all the time.
I then tested the MLB with another known good Topcase and the issue persist, which points to faulty logicboard.
I run Apple Diagnostic Test (ASD) and failed on Sensor-Voltage (VP0R)--PBus (Test 1)- Sensor is reading below the low limit.
I then read about PBus and found that it belong to the battery controller and in the ASD test results guide i can see that the VP0R is the PBus rail which i don't know what is (yet).
My question is how can i identify the VP0R on the board? and is it possible to fix it? i do have the schematics for this machine but i just don't understand those things (:yet)
As i said before my knowledge about repair on component level is not big at all but I'm more then willing to gain some knowledge and this forum look like the right place to do so (:

PS: when i remove the battery the issue is gone it happens only with the battery connected and yes i did try with a known good battery and it is the same.

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