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[Toshiba] Toshiba Satellite L510/L533/L535/M500 schematic – Perugia 10MG DDR3

The motherboard schematic for Toshiba Satellite L510, Toshiba Satellite L533, Toshiba SatelliteL535, Toshiba Satellite M500 laptop/notebook, INVENTEC Perugia 10MG DDR3
CPU: Penryn
North Bridge: Cantiga + DDRIII + AMD M92XT
South Bridge: ICH9-M
Title: Perugia 10MG DDR3
Revison: A02
Document Number: 1310A2303-0-MTR
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 69

Block Diagram:
Toshiba Satellite L510 L533 Block Diagram.png
2013-10-7 12:57

PG10MG DDR3 PreMP build_20090817_Gerber.pdf (1.34 MB)


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