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[Toshiba] Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D schematic, PWWBE LA-6849P

The motherboard schematic for  Toshiba Satellite C660, Toshiba Satellite C660D laptop/notebook, PWWBE Mainboard Compal LA-6849P , Brazos-Delhi 10AB
CPU: AMD Zacate APU + DDR3
Chipset: IHudson M1
OEM:Compal Electronics, Inc.
Model Name : PWWBE
File Name : LA-6849P
Document Number: 4019BA
Rev: B
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 38

Block Diagram:
Toshiba Satellite C660 C660D Block Diagram.png
2015-2-25 13:17

LA-6849P R10 TOSHIBA SATELLITE C660D.pdf (521.21 KB)


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